Anaesthesiology and Critical Care


Anaesthesiology and Critical Care

Director Gambale Giorgio

About us

The Anaesthesiology and Critical Care Unit works on: -CRITICAL CARE: for patients who are critically ill and usually require intensive monitoring. Patients can be hospitalised directly from Casualty or from other units of the Hospital or from other hospitals. –ANESTHESIOLOGY: the doctors of the Unit use general, local and regional anaesthesia in patients who have undergone surgery or in patients who need complex diagnostic and therapeutic tests. –INTRAHOSPITAL EMERGENCY: resuscitation in urgency-emergency cases on request. –Anaesthesiology and resuscitation CONSULTANCY in the Hospital Units for inpatients. –N.O.R.A (“Non-operating- room anaesthesia”) anaesthesiologic assistance out of the operating room for patients who have done diagnostic and therapeutic tests. –PAIN MANAGEMENT: for patients who suffer from acute and chronic pain due to different types of illnesses; in this Hospital Unit there is a specific area for outpatients who need antalgic treatment of pain and for inpatients who need postoperative pain management.

Anaesthesiology and Critical Care outpatients’ department – Forlì

This area is for preoperative anaesthetic evaluation.
via Carlo Forlanini, 34 - Pavilion Morgagni – 1st floor
Telephone numbers:
-Cancel medical appointments: 0543 735228
-Information: from Mon to Fri from 8.30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Forlì pain management outpatients’ department

Via Carlo Forlanini 34 – Pavilion Morgagni – 1st floor
Telephone numbers:
-Cancel appointment: 0543 735130
-Information: 0543 735130
-Appointment: 0543 735130
-Open access: Mon, Wed from 8.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.
-Appointment: Mon, Wed from 12 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Ward’s features

The Critical Care ward is located on the ground floor of the Pavilion Morgagni near the Surgery Department. Anaesthesiology service is mainly provided in the Morgagni Surgery Department (Pavilion Morgagni – 1st floor) and also in the Vallisneri Surgery Department. In the Morgagni Surgery Department there is a 6-bed recovery room (four beds with ventilation assistance); it was built in 2007 for the care of the postoperative patients, 35% of the patients operated over the year access to the recovery room.

Useful information about hospitalization

Patients are hospitalized only in case of urgency/emergency. Only doctors responsible for resuscitation do hospitalize patients from Casualty or from other Units.
We do restrict visiting hours so that doctors and nurses can carry out treatment:
-Visiting hours: from 3.30 pm to 7.30 pm, after doctors and nurses have examined patients. In exceptional circumstances, visiting hours can be extended only with the approval of doctors and nurses.


Patients are discharged from the Critical Care Unit only in exceptional circumstances. Normally, patients are transferred to other units together with their clinical documents (a copy of the medical records, latest medical report, therapeutic scheme) or to other health centres.

Organ donation “una scelta consapevole” (a mindful choice)

The doctors and nurses of this unit are actively involved in the information campaign about organ donation called “una scelta consapevole” (a mindful choice). They provide citizens with all the useful information at 0543 735001/735002.


Telephone numbers:
-Fax: 0543 738635
-Information: 0543 735002
-Information: 0543 735011
Via Carlo Forlanini, 34 – Pavilion Morgagni- ground floor

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